Validity period of CSV download link

Background: In order to download a Data Table as CSV, the following steps are taken:

  1. Send a request to /data/{dataSetID}/download → this starts the preparation/conversion of the CSV file and returns a linkId
  2. Send a request to /data/{dataSetID}/download/{linkId}/ready → check if the preparation/conversion is finished
  3. Download the actual file at /data/{dataSetID}/download/{linkId}.

Question: How long is the linkId valid?

I know that it becomes invalid once it has been used, but does it also expire automatically after x minutes/hours/days, or will it stay valid forever if it’s never actually downloaded?

I don’t think there is a time limit currently for that endpoint (the newer data request download endpoints currently have some limit there if I remember correctly).

Keep in mind that this multi step behavior was not designed that you wait a long time between preparing the download and actual downloading but rather to download immediately when the file is ready. This is just done that way to avoid http timeouts so a further optimization might introduce a time limit to free up temporary file space.

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Yes, I am aware for what purpose it’s designed. I am just wondering, because a third party software is being integrated at the moment, and they want to download Data Tables for further processing. They asked me if it’s okay to first request the download link for several (~20) Data Tables and then download them afterwards. So between requesting the download link (step 1) and actually downloading (step 3), a few minutes might pass.

Based on your your answer it does not seem like an issue, right?