ONE DATA Scheduler Summer/Winter-Time

Hi ONE DATA community!

I have a scheduler, that is configured to run at 00:30 each day. As a user I would expect it to run each day at the same time the whole year.
However, it seems that there is a change from summer- to winter-time. I know the reason is that ONE DATA server uses UTC as time, but I think this is not really expected from a user-perspective. Even in my case, the workflow ran twice in this night.

I just spent an hour debugging my data, only to find out that this data load changed at some point and I now need to use a different reference date in my workflow.
Tell me what you think, do you agree and it would be cool to have it tackled as a UX improvement or is it just something that one needs to know and deal with it?

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Hi Christoph,

What do you actually want tackled? Having ONE DATA server use a custom time instead of UTC time would be a big endeavor and much beyond the scope of a UX improvement.

Hi JayP,
hmm I understand that this is a huge effort.
Maybe it would already help a lot, if one could add a MEZ or MESZ identifier to times in schedulers.

Then here in this example the user would see directly, that e.g. the scheduling rule is set for 00:30 MESZ (adding this info to the past execution-times too may be even more clear then). Especially if I compare two schedulers, where the one was set during summer-time the other during MEZ I would directly see that they execute not at the same time, despite the same time is set in the schedule-rule.

However, I have no clue if this would be easy to do so :slight_smile:

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