Make xAxis scrollable

I have a highchart element that displays a gantt chart:

The problem is that I only get to see the first 5 elements. I googled the possibility to make an axis scrollable and found this: xAxis.scrollbar.enabled | Highcharts Stock JS API Reference

Here’s my xAxis config:

"xAxis": {
      "type": "category",
      "title": "Schedule",
      "opposite": false,
      "uniqueNames": true,
      "visible": true,
      "min": 0,
      "max": 4,
      "scrollbar": { "enabled": true},
      "labels": {
        "align": "left",
        "title": {
          "enabled": false
        "useHTML": true,
        "reserveSpace": true,
        "style": {
          "font": "12pt \"Arial Narrow\"",
          "color": "rgb(0,0,0)",
          "textOverflow": "ellipsis"

Unfortunately nothing is happening. Any ideas if 1) it is possible to do what I want and 2) how can I achieve this?


Can You try this for trouble shooting?

  1. Add quotation marks "scrollbar": { "enabled": "true"},
  2. In the App Viewer open the console and have a look at the CSS Element. Verify that the property made its way “to user”. If You can not find it there try to update the CSS Element by hand. In the end the App Builder might have had deleted the property by accident and this is a bug…