Is it possible to "unselect" the value of a variableConfigSingleSelect after selection?

It seems that there is no way to “unselect” a variableConfigSingleSelect element after the user selected one of the possible entries.

Is there a way to change this without adding an “empty” value to the list of possible selections?

Element config:

  "id": "filter_templates_all_data",
  "config": {
"label": "Select Template Name",
"options": [
    "id": "val1",
    "labelColumn": "template_name",
    "origin": "data",
    "valueColumn": "column_name"
"variable": "filterVariableColumns"
  "source": "table_templates_filtered",
  "type": "variableConfigSingleSelect"

Screenshot after selection:

Unfortunatelly currently I do not know of a common way to do this, but maybe somebody else.
What I can say is, the demand for such a behaviour is not new and Product Management aleady is aware of it to consider something like this as a future improvement possibility.
What is currently noted and I think your demand fits quite good is:
“Option to clear a variable (free text or single select) after a certain user action. Like … enter a value > execute a workflow/function forwarding the selected variable value > clear after execution > so the “old/previous” value cleared again”.

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Good to know and yes, this fits it.

For future readers: I solved it for our use case of the variableSelect by adding a new option containing the “default” of the variable (in our case ‘*’), this does the job. This is done using a custom sql statement with UNION directly in the app.json to avoid changing the original datatable in ONE DATA:

"$sql": {
            "type": "string",
            "value": "SELECT '*' as template_sql_filter, 'All Columns' as template_name, '{{studyID}}' as study_id UNION SELECT template_sql_filter, template_name, study_id FROM inputTable WHERE study_id = '{{studyID}}'"