How to update dependent projects via the DPU?

In which order do i have to update the projects (ref. image)
and on which update do i have to set “Define related Projects” (Step 1 of the Update process) and which projects to i have to define there?


  • A shares data tables to D & C.
  • B shares Workflows to D & C.

The Data Product Update tool does not support to updating referenced WFs.

Hi Jonas,
as you wrote unfortunately DPU does not automatically share WFs from a related project to your target project. However from reading the docu if you reference a workflow in Apps the reference should be updated. Of course you would need to manually share the WF then.
From my experience I would not recommend sharing resources other than datatables when you need to rely on a release-process using DPU.

For tables it is working well, just update first the project that contains the largest fraction of all your tables. Then update other projects while specifying the others as related and the sharing will be done automatically.