How to dynamically set the workflow id within an integrated workflow processor

Hi all,
I’m looking for ideas to determine the workflow id for an integrated workflow without setting the id manually nor using a dedicated variable to do so.

Background: My data preparation workflow consists of a generic and a custom part for datasets from several source systems. For the custom part I’m using integrated workflow processors. The ID of the workflow that I want to call is dependent on the source system id. The source system id is defined using a variable (other ideas are also possible). Based on this variable value I’d like to set the respective workflow id without setting the workflow id in another separate variable that is used inside the integr. workflow processor.
Why do I want to do this: The value of the source system id determines not only the workflow id to call but also a couple of other settings in this workflow. Adjusting just one variable for all these settings is less error-prone than adjusting one variable each for all the single settings.

Question: Can I use something else than a variable or the actual ID in the integr. workflow processor, e.g. a column that is generated in the workflow? Do you have other ideas to do this?

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Hi Laura,
this sounds like a usecase for dynamic variable assignment in a workflow. It would be really cool to have such a functionality to set variables depending on other variables or even setting variables from input-data.

There is only one solution I can think of, but I am sure you already thought about this :slight_smile:
You could use an “Init Workflow”, where you set your source system ID as variable, and compute the correct workflow-id with queries. Then use the ONE DATA API inside to create a new version of your workflow with the correct workflow-id in the integrated workflow processor and run it.


Thanks, Christoph! Your init-Workflow solution is exactly what I have in place right now :D. This feels like overkill to me and I was hoping to replace it by something more straightforward… :slight_smile:

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