Highcharts Plot lines

Dear App Experts,

I would like to create a plot like that below:

That means, I do have some data with x and y values and would like to draw an axis somewhere in the bubble plot I created. Has someone done something like this before and can give me a hint how to do it?

Any help would be nice :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,
You can check out the Combi Chart Combining chart types | Highcharts
and have a look at PlotLines yAxis.plotLines | Highcharts JS API Reference

Hope that helps already

Hi Kai,

thank you for your reply, I 'll have a look at that :slight_smile:

Solved thanks to Kai :slight_smile:

"yAxis": {
      "floor": 0,
      //"ceiling": 200,
      "plotLines": [
          "color": "black",
          "dashStyle": "dot",
          "width": 2,
          "value": 500,
          "label": {
            "rotation": 0,
            "y": 15,
            "x": 100,
            "style": {
              "fontStyle": "italic"
            "text": "Bleifüsse - Lockvögel"
          "zIndex": 3