Font color in logo-title custom component

Hi everyone,

I’d like to change the color of the header and helperTitle in the logo-title custom component.

I managed to change the helperTitle color by adding "styles": { "color": "black" } to the element. However I only managed to change the header color by adding <style>div#overview_title_con h2 {color: black}</style> to a GLOBAL_CSS file.

Is there a more elegant way to solve this?


  "config": {
    "header": "My Header",
    "helperTitle": "My helper Title",
    "isHeaderUppercase": true,
    "isHelperTitleUppercase": true,
    "src": ""
  "id": "logoTitle_ele",
  "renderer": "LogoTitle",
  "type": "custom", 
  "styles": {
    "color": "black"


  "config": {
    "html": "<style>div#overview_title_con h2 {color: black}</style>"
  "id": "GLOBAL_CSS",
  "type": "html"

Hi @katharina.selig,
there is currently no configuration option to change the font color, so unfortunately for now you will have to stick to the custom CSS styles.