Data product update to formerly unconnected target

Dear DPU experts,
I wanna update a target project from a source project that share no previous import/export connection.

Goal: Create a manual id mapping between DT1 on source project to DT2 on target project and replace id of DT1 to id of DT2 when updating apps on target project, while not replacing data of DT2 with data of DT1 (desirably not creating any data).

Solution: Using “contextAdaption” action to map ids + using “?” to prevent data update (When using “skip” for “?” mapping does not seem to apply, only solution seems to be using “contextAdaption”>“skipUpdateIfExists”)
Problem: No solution for data that does not already exist

Workaround goal: How to adapt the name of created data tables? Neither jsonpath “replace” nor “skipDataTableNameUpdate” have an effect for me.

contextAdaption in combination with skip does not work. If you skip the update of a resource then whatever you set via the context adaption action will never have an effect.

contextAdaption in combination with skipUpdateIfExists is a bit crazy tbh.

After having seen the use case, I recommended the use of a bulk replace action as a viable although not perfect solution.