Data from different (non-plotted) series in Highcharts Tooltip without CCs


Is it possible to access non-plotted series data in a Highcharts point Tooltip without going JavaScript function?
via the point, I can theoretically access the plotted series and even its underlying data containing all series (including ones that are not plotted). I cannot “navigate” the array structures in series or data, though.
I’ve found multiple online examples - all of them involve custom code which is only possible in Apps via Custom Components which I’m currently trying to avoid (for multiple reasons - especially due to setup simplicity and portability of the App).

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Hi Flogge,

have you tried such a piece of code?

"tooltip": {
                          "<span style=\"color:{series.color}\">{}</span>: 
                           <b>{point.y}</b> {point.change}%<br/>",
      "valueDecimals": 2

This reference is embedded in the code just like the plotOptions configuration or filterOptions in the highcharts element.

A more detailed documentation of these references can be found here:

Hope this helps

Jep, sure.

in pointFormat, you can use certain variables like point.low, point.high (for range charts), point.x, point.y and even (which seems to be a dead end since I can’t access other series in the data from here because array access via positions seems not to work - neither in series nor in data). Unfortunately, everything I could obtain from the framework is related to what’s already in the plot.

I’d like to access a cell in the point’s row that is not plotted (same position in a different series of the input data). There are ways to achieve this but everything I found involves JavaScript.

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