Change decimal and thousands separator in high chart's Y axis


At the moment the data points I am trying to visualize on my high chart’s Y axis have a default thousands’ separator = " " (blank space) and a “.” (period) as a decimal separator.


I want to change the format of this number to the German one, so that the decimal separator becomes “.” and a “,” is used as a thousands’ separator.

To do this, I went on the High charts editor URL, set these settings in the “Localization” settings, and managed to generate the following JSON code to add to my chart, however this does not seem to have any effect on the data points’ format.

"lang": {
    "thousandsSep": ".",
    "decimalPoint": ","

→ How can I change my decimal and thousands’ separator of the data points being visualized on the high chart?

Hi DanyEle,
Apps and ONE DATA do currently not support localication.
So it always uses the english one and you can not set it to german or others.
The highchart configs do not take effect here as far as I know.
Our formatting is based on and you can apply it via e.g. ColumnStyles
See here the docu for more info https://[YOUR_INSTANCE]

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Thank you very much for the input @johannesheininger!

I accessed the doku at this URL: Numeral.js as well as <instance-url/apps/apps-docs/odml-documentation/AppBuilder/global/Global.html#styles>, and found a very similar format which I could adapt exactly for my needs.

The following extra config for the ‘global’ is exactly the solution to the formatting issue I was having to have “,” as a thousands separator, “.” as a decimal separator, two decimal numbers and EUR currency:

"columnStyles": [
      "name": "column_name_in_chart",
      "unit": "EUR",
      "chart": {
        "format": "(0.0,)"
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